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Gajagamini Forest Resort is one of the best located resorts in Gorumara National Park. It’s away from the Lataguri market and on the Lataguri – Chalsa road. Gajagamini Forest Resort is adjacent to Gorumara National Park. Forest makes the natural boundary on its eastern, western and north sides. Main gate of the resort touches the forest entry gate for Car Safari and Chukchuki Watch Tower visit. The resort shares the common electric fencing with the forest department.
Inside and outside Gajagamini Forest Resort offers abundant natural beauty. So the taste of the forest can be smelled from its premises...
Lataguri village is located outside the Gorumara National Park on National Highway No. 31. Permits for entering Gorumara and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary are given from Lataguri. The village also contains a "Nature Interpretation Center", which gives information about the flora and fauna of the area. A few roadside restaurants and hotels cater for tourists.....

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